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Tomorrow, I am doing #standupcomedy in #NYC at the New Talent Show at #GothamComedyClub with @betsycarroll (whose video idea I totally jacked) and other hilarious #comedians!

It’s Monday, September 29th at 09:30 PM! ($12 Cover. 2 Drink Minimum)

If you are coming, PLEASE RESERVE with Gotham ahead of time by calling them at 212-367-9000. Tell them that you’re coming to see Kyle Lewis on Monday, September 29th at 9:30 PM.

Can’t wait to see ya! #comedy

This is 1/3rd of Three Man Booth, folks! Check him out and support.

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The first thing that came to mind was “Man, motherfucker is way more patient than anyone gives him credit for, I mean he even has a waterbottle down there just in case how the hell did he not tear himself out of there any sooner? How long did he wait? Twenty minutes?” 

Then the second thought was “You know, there’s probably a good reason for that……”